Aloha!  I'm Jordan!  

For the past three years, I've put everything aside to learn more about the marine mammals that reside around the Hawaiian Islands.  My primary objective is to utilize UAVs (drones) to determine body condition, size and age.  Using drones in conjunction with traditional dorsal photo ID allows us learn more about a specific animal. In the future with a larger sample size we can use this information to see how populations change over time!  I currently use a customized DJI Inspire 2 with laser altimeter for drone photogrammetry and a Phantom 4 Pro for everything else. My secondary objective is to present what we learn to others through social media.  This combination of science and art has been a difficult formula to figure out but to me, it's worth it to inspire a new generation of scientists and explorers. 


I'm currently employed by Cascadia Research Collective and work under the direction of Robin Baird as a field assistant and UAV pilot.  

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